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Hi Everyone!

Here is a link to an Incan Gold Sun Mask: [www.ancient.eu]

Ok could this be the Head on the Proposed Incan Effigy of a Sphinx at Machu Picchu? The rays coming from it look to me like electrical energy, and I propose that the Advanced Shiva Linga that produced power was in the Head. We really don't know what the head on the sphinx was for sure, and they could have, changed for a number of reasons. The room was square and we have a square head with what looks like energy emanating from it with major alignments.

The alignment south was one of the impacts that I have proposed caused the younger dryas event, with multiple impacts and the North alignment points to what I propose was the first and largest of the impacts.

I would also like to propose that since there is no way to date gold that it could have been from the older original builders and they found it, and it influenced them?

In the Main Post I said Africa in a few places I meant South America.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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