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Hi Everyone!

Firstly and foremost, I'm not a linguist and don't want to be. That said Maybe there is something and maybe not, I don't have the knowledge to determine that at the present. To me from an English language point of view if one can be taken, and taking into consideration My starting point is this, I believe the Ancient Pre-Flood Magi were masters of the elements, and there were like trade guilds for the differing sciences.

After the collapse of the Technically Advanced Civilization or Atlantis without the ability to reproduce and maintain their tools and machines they wore out and were scraped. The people describing items produced by the Ancient Magi after the flood were called magi-like, using only basic chemistry, magnetism, electricity ect? or maybe magi-ish? meaning like the magi? and over time it was condensed down to magic?

Just a Thought!!!!!!!

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

P.S. FREE LSD for EVERYONE that passes an IQ test, just kidding everyone Free LSD - Lowell's, Synoptic, Deductions??????? Peace Out, not Space Out!

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