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When the H.M. sloop of war the Beagle, returned to England in 1836 with Charles Darwin it was sent for a re=fit.

Next time it sailed 5th July 1837 from Plymouth George Grey was on board with the nuclease of an expedition to the North West coast of Australia.

The Beagle sailed via Tenerife and Santa Cruze. Then to Bahia and the Cape of Good Hope. On August 17 1837 he arrived at the town of Bahia and writes 'This part of Brazil offered the curious spectacle of a great evil........ I allude to the immense slave population.....

The slaves are not only a very superior race of men in point of physical powers, but, as far as my experience of their habits went, I found them very moral and honest.'

Earlier Grey writes " I asked Mr Wilson several questions about slaves in general,......that the price of a good slave had varied from 90 to 100 pounds, he happened to state that the slaves were wretched in their own country ...... I never saw so fine a burst of indignation as the slave in the boat evinced at this statement; his lip curled up with scorn, his dark eye grew vividly bright, and his frame quivered an impassioned reply in Portuguese. I could not understand all that he said, but caught enough to know the tenor of it, that 'this was not the case.

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