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Consider, a very well done virtual tour of Lascaux Cave! Or any of the other caves of that era . . . Or any other ancient sight, such as The Temple of Amun, Baalbek, the monument city in the Pacific, home of sea cucumbers and buildings made of basaltic lincoln logs, Nan Madol (lots of work), or even the Japaneese inderwater wonder, Yonaguni! Don't forget the amazing temples of Ankor, and there is a multitude of gorgeous temples in India!!

    [*] Addendia:
Don’t forget to add a little mystery and majesty, sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, & native peoples silhouetted!

The Pyramids, the Valley Temple, the Osirion, including the inscriptions in the side chambers, if they survived the flooding, and many, many other places . . .
I know one group was doing high resolution photos of all the heiroglyphics they could manage . . . They might be included at some point. Egypt special series for educators.

The folks who make the best virtual reality products will hold a world wide market.

This works very well for bringing the sheeple up to speed! Graham has offered media products, previously. Here is a new market with a great potential!

Youtube is good & still free, (if internet is in your budget)!!
However, research and travel cost money, and the folks here have half the equation down, for creating virtual reality products!

We know, the experience is the real deal. But so many will never have the chance, and the sites could not stand so many visitors, either.

To have the visuals presented with the accurate wisdom, gets most folks at least halfway to the understanding, if not giving the full visceral appreciation of the awe & the truth of these places.

I submit, with a little organization, a few partners with the expertise, and good contracts, you could educate people rapidly and garner a tidy savings account to use for future research of your choice!!

Besides, I have been hoping for just such a tour of Lascaux since I first found it on the web!!

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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VIRTUAL REALITY . . now available. Your wisdom + some expertise = money for research!! 821 SallyA 18-May-18 22:39

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