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So this my first post on here,

Hello to all,

My name is Josh, I'm an avid enthusiast of the work Graham Hancock and others alike have been doing. Today someome asked on Reddit on - r/history if there has ever been any situations where a catclysmic event had taken out an empire or any ancient civilizations and if there had ever been a situation where people have had to rebuild? As in politics, law, agriculture, art...

People were giving lots of examples, and this is where I stepped in... The guy asked if there was any "different" example anything not so well know. I posted a couple of links to the info on the Younger Dryas period, said for the Original Poster to look at the work of Hancock amongst others as a healthy alternative, after all he'd asked for something different so was obviously wanting a form of discussion or information a bit of the mainstream academic path.

Anyway, it's resulted in me getting banned from Reddit history. This isn't my first time being banned for topics of this discussion. As I'm sure many of you on here will know, it's sad that we can't raise points without coming under scrutiny or even out right objection.

My comment, got no reply and next to no traction before it being warranted for removal and my profile being banned. I know Reddit is fast becoming synonymous with this behaviour. A really poor show. It used to be a place for open discussion, now it's just a place for egotistical skeptical to massage their egos.

The point isn't even about the nature of my post, it's about the rejection to it and how over time, this splinter will infect and spread... A real shame.

Peace. Metta. X

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