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I moved about a year ago and behind my house is a large slope that backs to a canyon. I own an acre and there is a flat area down there that I have been rehabilitating, part of which is moving a herculean pile of old wood fencing, plywood and bricks that have been stacked up. Don't know what they had going on down there, but I was clearing it away and at the bottom of the pile hit something that I thought was a large plastic bottle. Made a hollow sound when I clunked it. I pulled it out and to my surprise was a mummified dog. We have coyotes, but this is definitely a small dog. Curled up just like my dogs do on their little bed when they sleep. Hurts to think how and why she got there and that she had to endure such loneliness and fear. No dog should ever know what these things mean.

I'm sorry my little friend. If I would have found you long ago I would have cared for you and you would have had a happy and loved life. I will bury you tomorrow.

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