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The purpose of this post is to inform all genuine seekers in search of real Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth that there exists a website called Occult Mysteries (please see link at bottom of this post) which provides some important information which will help the open-minded and inquisitive person to separate fact from fantasy regarding many of the mysteries of Nature and the ultimate purpose of our existence on this little planet we call Earth.

Here is the opening statement of the authors of this website:

The aim of this website is to provide those sincerely seeking ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth with FACTS.

A Message to all Visitors

A tremendous amount of misinformation and fantasy is now to be found on the Internet and in books on a wide variety of occult and mystical subjects. Some of the authors of this tide of fallacies mean well; many more do not, and it all spells dire trouble for those genuinely in search of facts, not fantasy and half-truths.
One casual visitor to this website has accused us of being 'armchair theosophists'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although we have the greatest regard for the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society in the late 19th century, the same cannot be said for the many Theosophists—past and present—who have done much to undermine, distort and misrepresent the occult truths she gave to the world. You can read more about our us and our aims on our About page.
One of the reasons we launched this website nearly six years ago was to combat the deluge of half-truths, speculations, conspiracy theories and misconceptions now being promoted by all and sundry via every conceivable media. The fact of the matter is that even the most elevated Occult teachings can be misinterpreted and distorted to suit almost any agenda. It is these distortions which do the most harm, and lead to so much confusion among seekers after Truth. Many readers will pass us by once they see that we provide no glamour, thrills or fantasies. Others will shudder at the very word 'Occult' and return to the safety of religious orthodoxy. That is their prerogative and we wish them well. But the FEW who stay and read our many articles and books will find inspiration, comfort and nourishment a-plenty for body, mind and spirit.

After more than two years of reading the many articles and books published on this website, I can attest to the fact that what the authors claim in the last sentence of the above paragraph is the truth and I am a better person today because I thankfully discovered the profound knowledge and wisdom that has been so expertly presented in this sublime website.

But don't take my word for it I invite all who read this post to fully explore the Occult Mysteries website for themselves I can assure you it will be time well spend and not only that it is a very positive and uplifting experience to read through the many fascinating subjects on display and once you have devoted time to the study of some of the important subject matter I believe you will recognise it for what it is and feel as compelled as I am to recommend this site to as many like-minded individuals as you can.

Heres another extract from the site this time from one of their most important articles entitled:

Why Study Occult Science?

Most seekers after Truth share the feeling that somewhere, somehow, there must exist a golden thread of knowledge, that could they but lay hold of it, would give them some idea of the plan and meaning of life; what man truly is, whence he comes and where he is headed. Knowledge that would explain the apparently haphazard and meaningless tangle of events that go to make up earthly life. The disparities of wealth, position and power, the seeming punishment of the good and the reward of the wicked; the endless disasters, famines, poverty, persecutions, wars and revolutions. The latter, it seems, often started by men of true vision, who get swept away in the rush for power of the ruthless and unscrupulous revolutionaries. Revolutions that after a while show a New World emerging that is little different from the Old, except that wealth, position and power is now in a different set of hands.

In fact, there is a lifetime of study contained within this website not only in the form of the actual articles themselves but also in the occult books they recommend and in the links to other websites of note.

Articles of particular importance in my opinion are:

Why Study Occult Science?
Inner balance through Applied Wisdom
Life after Death
Losing your way
How Peace leads to War
Why Matter Matters
There is only One Light
21 December 2012
Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt
If God is good why does he allow Evil?

And not forgetting all 12 articles contained within the free Online Occult Studies course they offer.

It is my sincere hope that the Occult Mysteries website benefits all those who choose to give it an honest appraisal I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this post and I wish you all the best in your eventful journey through life.

Here is the link:


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