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Itatw70s Wrote:
> Carol, first off, there is no OFFICIAL admission
> by NASA about "life" in the Cosmos. Why? It is
> because of a tactful spoon-feeding that delays the
> reasonable evidence.

But what reasonable evidence? You haven't provided any!
> Here are two links:
> The first, a seemingly pro-life admission that is
> still a test-run for testing the public reaction
> to such news, and, it is only microbial news at
> best (Mars news). Even to say visitations is
> plausible is to push the envelope of NASA's
> admission bias; which is NO admission AT ALL. It
> sounds good but no real confession of facts.
> [www.newsweek.com]
> dence-nasa-anonymous-628922

Tom, tell us - did you even read that article? It's full of mays and mights. Read the last paragraph:

If NASA had already found evidence of alien life, it’s unlikely that they would be sitting on their hands. The discovery would be a momentous political win for the United States, akin to winning the so-called space race against the then Soviet Union in July 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon.

Does that sound like the reaction of an agency trying to 'hide' aliens from us?

If NASA was trying to 'hide' evidence of life, what are the Kepler, the Spitzer, and soon the new James Webb space telescopes doing? We hear every announcement of exo-planetary discoveries made by the first two. What exactly is being hidden? We've heard of the make-up of Europa and Enceladus, and how searching for evidence of life will be top of the list when these moons are explored in the future. Again, what is being hidden?

> Now, this video is pretty good about NASA's
> silence and diversion tactics. They just won't
> admit the facts:
> [youtu.be]

And you fell for a conspiracy-laden video! Did you even bother to verify any of the ten claims it made? I'll bet you didn't, because if you had, you would have found out how baseless they all were.

You'll have to do better than that, if you're claiming NASA is 'hiding' stuff!


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