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I also have a heads up for Graham:

It is easy to understand his great relief in the validation of the Comet impact//cultural wipe events, after all the bashing he has had to endure over the years. Yet his readership is enormous, proving that the common people have more wit than the bashers!

Still, he must exercise caution!!

I listened to a recent (2018) broadcast . . . And the number of unscientificly broad terms was .. a bit much.

Just for Graham's information and the best delivery of his presentations, which he certainly does without the prompter screen, SOMEONE SHOULD go through a transcript and highlight the words which are sweeping, all-encompassing, or imply that all the evidence is in.

The fact that the evidence really is in, and no small amount of it --- is heartening!
However, in the interests of decorum and humility, and staying within the linguistic bounds of science, ever formulating clearer hypotheses, the language should reflect the intellectual generosity and vision of the presenter and not have quite so much "totally proven" showing in the text.

Again, it is proven, and it is beyond doubt, however, it would be a better presentation if this point were made in fewer broadly sweeping terms. I simply wish his presentations//information to reflect the genius and insight of his vision, and not the relief of finally proving his naysayers incorrect! [Victory is a sweet thing, and Graham deserves his.]

Its been a long, long haul for the folks bringing us our lost and covered up history. Bravo for them, and we are all indebted for their tireless work.

Thank you, Graham for the vision, the insights, and the knowledge of our real history which you have helped provide.

Live long, and prosper!!

Edited for spelling//typo.

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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