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Hi Everyone,

Were the ancients a bunch of spoiled brat's with Pacifier Binky Syndrome? Children hang onto there baby blanket and would not give up their pacifiers if not forced too.

Looking at the evidence I have come to think that maybe they were a bunch of Spoiled Brat's caused by their doting Mother's. How you may ask? Glad you ask well if we look at the ancients we see a lot of them carrying an Egyptian Onk. The Onk to me looks a lot like a Pacifier, so were they carrying around their pacifiers? I think it's possible, though there could be other explanations, maybe it was a combination pacifier/Key or some other combination. Just thought It deserved a closer look!

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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Were the Ancients a bunch of Spoiled Brat's with PBS? 1239 Lowelldw64 03-Mar-18 15:25

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