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Hello Jonny

Yeah...'shhh' right.

Or we'll get there eventually.

I would like to think it is something that those whom are interested in aiding someone with their work gets involved in...so they can focus on stuff that really develops into SOMETHING.

A particular group springs up about 'This', and those who want to help get involved...and of course get kicked off for being...well...you know.

It allows for the person who made the group about 'This' being part of a 3 member board that sees where things go before 'action' is taken...after all, we don't know where things go in the beginning, do we. It might take 2 months before something actually clicks. So someone talking about 'That' might be ahead of their time...it all depends on good communication between participants so no-one feels belittled for having an idea that may take others a little time to grasp...communication is the key.

And no spite; no lauding; no gruff...



ps: Thanks for responding

The ravages of war slowly give way to nature's wonders.

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