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As an author, I am committed to reach out to enlighten people with perceptive thoughts on religion, philosophy, God, the universe and politics. To introduce myself and gain appreciation of my writing ability, it is recommended you read a scholarly resource I wrote on religion. Access it by clicking on the link below. Educators at every level of classroom instruction who teach about the development of religions are encouraged to evaluate this resource and present it to their students.
I clicked on the link, but my assistive software (Dollphin SuperNova 16.06) will not read it. It appears to be a dark blank page. Any chance of seeing it as a document? There is a way of converting PDF into readable form, but it is a bit tricky and I would certainly like to read the article.

It sounds, from your post, as if you are assuming a belief in a God, is this so? If so,how would you define said God, since as far as I know there is zero objective evidence for it or any god.

P.S,. I'm almost 82!!


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