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As an author, I am committed to reach out to enlighten people with perceptive thoughts on religion, philosophy, God, the universe and politics. To introduce myself and gain appreciation of my writing ability, it is recommended you read a scholarly resource I wrote on religion. Access it by clicking on the link below. Educators at every level of classroom instruction who teach about the development of religions are encouraged to evaluate this resource and present it to their students.


For an overview of several books I have written and book reviews, you may visit the website:


At the age of 82, I am presently engaged in assisting the Iranian people to gain back their freedoms enjoyed when they had a vibrant Persian culture. To do this effectively, there must be a worldwide Propaganda Campaign that far excels the propaganda placed all over the Internet by Islamic writers to have gullible young people believe and fight for Islam.

The Propaganda Campaign objective is to EXPOSE Iran's insidious history and EXPOSE abominable verses in the Quran. It is the Quran that is the source of discontent throughout many countries. Islamic religious leaders use the Quran to indoctrinate unsuspecting minds with its verses that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of people who have beliefs other than Islam.

Please support Iranian peaceful protests for a Constitutional and Democratic government by emailing the article below to influential political leaders, humanitarians, government organizations such as the CIA and FBI, friends, associates, and many media outlets. Only through communication can people worldwide effect changes to the repressive ideology of Islam.


You may learn more about me by visiting my blog site:


Thank you for your interest and support. Communication is a POWERFUL tool to inform and educate people around the world. Hopefully, Muslims will understand why they are living under a repressive ideology that causes them to kill people in the name of Allah. With such understanding, they may follow an appeal by el Sisi, Egypt's President, that an Islamic Revolution needs to be activated by Muslims to revise the Quran and advocate God's greatest command - Love one another.

Many journalists and moderate Muslim scholars fail to identify the Quran as the “root of the problem” for fear of their lives by being called an apostate.

Like a scholar of Islam, Robert Spencer, I try to wake people up around the world by identifying and exposing the “root of the problem” with an article titled, “Worldwide Communication Will Expose the Quran.” Learn why and how to start a communication campaign to expose the abominable verses in the Quran.

The link below appeals to people around the world to help Muslims obtain an understanding why the Quran is “root of the problem” and motivate them to start an Islamic Reformation by having their Islamic scholars and leaders revise the Quran. Why and how people around the world can help solve Islamic expansion and terrorism by revising the Quran is presented in the following link,


Knowledge is power by revealing the truth. Powerful media organizations affiliated with an Islamic ideology are trying to dispel the truth on the Internet by censoring such articles as I have provided on this post. The people will prevail only by worldwide communication of the truth about Islam; it has never been a religion of peace.

Please share the article links on this post with as many people as possible.

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