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Hi Molder,

Didn't get a link here. As far as Graffiti you see it a lot when travelling around to different sites.

Tourists aren't a new phenomena. When Sir Walter Scott wrote historic novels in the early 1800's
people travelled from all over the UK, Europe and America to see the places he wrote about.

Go to his house (Abbotsford House) near Melrose in the borders. Its a museum of his collections from all over Scotland.
He even has a room that emulates Rosslyn Chapel. Well worth it if you have the time.

You also have the Orkneyinga Saga circa 1200, it was written in Iceland about Orkney. The vikings are known to have left graffiti.

Even though Orkney is fairly remote, the people that lived there were sea-faring peoples who travelled extensively.
There are many places in the Western Isles you can only reach by boat. It wasn't as remote in past times as you might think.


P.S. When you get home you might want to try and find a copy of The Farfarer’s, Before the Norse- Farley Mowat.
I guarantee you will never think of sea travel in the same way again. The scots from Orkney were traveling to
North America long before the vikings arrived. I know this seems incredible but....

Edit to add P.S.

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