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Hi Molder,

I can understand the frustration. :-(

I found that I had to visit sites several times to get the full impact. Spending
too much time with the camera would cause me to narrow my focus. Fortunately,
I had a second set of eyes that looked at things from a different perspective and tried to
keep me "on time".

I forgot to warn you about the odd sense of humour you might encounter with locals.
They also could get in your face a little bit if you are an outsider. Don't be surprized if
they exhibit sarcasm with a straight face.

I don't mean to lecture but I also found letting them speak first and not asking too
many questions would get me much more info.

If you are on the mainland and get near an exhibit of Pictish stones check out the symbols.
No one has been able to decipher them.

Hope you are enjoying the experience.


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