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Hi Molder,

Locals can be a huge resource in finding things of interest. If you have any family links to the areas you go to
in Scotland it will open doors for you.

If weathering hasn't obscured the markings on stones you will find some very interesting graffiti.
Neolithic and Bronze Age standing stones, henge monuments, cists, linear cemeteries with burial cairns, cup and ring
marks were things that intrigued me. Symbolism is a hobby of mine so I was always looking for them. I used a compass
and cameras to capture and make notes that I was able to look at later when I had more time.

The camera will sometimes pick up markings you can't define well with the eye. I a bit of water on a dry day will also
highlight markings. Don't get caught doing tracings. :-)

I also found some odd effects in certain stone circles. Compass wouldn't work, cameras acted up (I have 3). Move outside
the circle and all would be fine! Magnetic anomalies, ley lines who knows. Changed my thoughts on this sort of thing.

People from the northern and western isles are a different breed especially if you are from North America.
I still found it strange to find no locks on the doors and car keys in the ignitions. Its like stepping back in time.

Of course things have changed in recent years with the influx of tourists, internet and satellite but it has a charm that
really grows on you.

Hope you get used to the rain and the midges.

P.S. Buses, trains and ferries leave on time for the most part. :-)


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