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Hi Broker

Thank you for the advice I will take it on board.

Had an interesting experience yesterday at Orkney was looking at Brodgar and the bus left without me. I flipped my phone and was 60 seconds late saw it going. Lucky for me as when I decided to have another look at the standing stones I noticed that they were grafittied in very small inscriptions someone named TD stood out but the earliest I found was dated 1873.

Managed to get a lift back to Kirkwell with another bus (stagecoach) and driver Richard knew all about this new 'ness' they are finding by the waters edge. It has been covered for the winter but obviously lots of excitement amongst the locals.

All was good. Now I only looked at 2 standing stones and you cannot see the graffiti unless you really eyeball it.

None of the tour guides I have spoken to have noticed it before so will contact media today as there has got to be earlier graffiti as there is a lot on just the 2 stones I had time to study.

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