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Am in northern Scotland at the moment and have been off line with my crappy laptop, I flew into Heathrow on Friday and caught the train the 'Caledonian Sleeper' on friday night from Euston station.

What a hoot, Euston station was going into some sort of meltdown on Friday after work and people were leaning over balcony's taking pics,I got some pretty good video will post it when I get back. It was the 'after work crowd' and as trains were being cancelled and re allocated platforms heards of elephants were running towards the 'NEW' platform and train announcement..

The Caledonian is a different kettle of fish though and seems a sort of institution among many people in the UK and around the world. Old train but plenty of character (does need a wash on the outside though inside fine)hope to travel on it again.

The people on the Caledonian who I met were generally of Scottish descent and very knowledgeable and love to keep up a tradition. One tradition seems to be 'first into the club car'. Everyone made it before me (not next time though) about 1/2 and hour before the train departed. The party went for hours.

I have never been to Orkney Island so am excited that am finally getting there especially as many fellow passengers are quite aware of the recent finds especially around Brodgar ie the mirriads of dwellings being excavated which have never previously been suspected.

Anyone know more about this as Brodgar figures in my ancient measures.

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