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Rest in Peace, Hoppy.

Hoppy was truly a remarkable man.
He lived the wisdom he embodied and he shared it here from time to time.

In tribute, here are 2 posts of his that I saved many years ago:

Re: Question: Mental techniques from the past

Author: Hoppy (206.255.95.---)
Date: 13-May-05 06:18

Ok Darren, I'll toss one at you:

1. You need a notebook, large callendar or diary to keep track of your progress.

2. Pick a 10-to-20 minute time frame, any part of your normal day.

3. During this period, watch your every act/movement and your reactions to events. You are looking for anything you do without first thinking of doing it,,, subconscious-actions,,, things you do automatically, without fore-thought.

When you awake, how many times did you blink your eyes
before you thought about blinking your eyes?
Which foot touched the floor first?
If you stretch, what prompted it, did you actually THINK about it

The goal in this is to identify subconscious habits, from the smallest to the bigest, methodically, systematically during rather short periods of time.

Then, increase the length of the time period gradually, until you have observed yourself for one full day. Then, repeat it.

Jot down each habit you notice, and the time/date. Each time you do this, each habit (or routine action/reaction) will no longer be a subconscious matter.
The more assertive and persistent you are at this process, the better/greater your results.

Check your log several times a day and read the entire contents aloud.
Each time you "do" anything previously logged, laugh at yourself and make a tiny change in each act/action but do not totally stop doing it,,, unless of course, you "dislike" the fact that you did it.

I stopped smoking and several other unpleasant habits doing this.

The premise is to reduce the "inventory" of subconsciously prompted acts/reactions by making them "conscious-acts" which you can stop doing by choice.

Within a month or so, you will be feeling an inner "newness" or a feeling of being mentally "lighter",,, not as heavy as when you began.

Worked for me. Now, I can stop thinking completely, without falling asleep.

Is this anything like what you asked for?



Author: Hoppy (206.255.95.---)
Date: 13-May-05 21:29


My father taught this as a Cherokee medicine man in the 1920s. It was "handed-down" in many NAI tribes, including some in Mexico. There is no way to say how old it is.

Steiner, Ouspenski and Jung mentioned similar approaches but I don't recall which books. Castaneda devotes a chapter to a similar teaching, titled, "Disrupting the Routines of Life" in his 3rd book, "Journey to Ixtlan"/ 1972. I don't recall any ancient writings on the subject, yet there could be some.

Keep in mind, once a person attempts to reach beyond the "human condition" we know as "normal", words lose their value.

My son told me he saw a special on the Discovery Channel about a man who could recite pi to 20K decimal places and did it in 8 hours, taking breaks along the way, with no need of reviewing where he had stopped for breaks.
At the end of the show, he tried to explain what his mind was doing/seeing but he had no words others could use to understand. Yet, he obviously knows...

Sort of like, "Knowledge exists independent of, and separate from Language."

Sorry I cannot be of more help.


There is no God beyond knowing you are the Universe.

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