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Everyone in the Truth or bowel movement and the conspiratainment people either think this world is run by Reptilian aliens or the Annunaki. David Icke got his ideas about the Reptilians from a 1984 show called V, you can watch it on Youtube, there's nothing original about David Icke's ideas at all. The stuff about the Annunaki and the Nemphilim was debunked a long time ago. There's nothing in any of the Sumerian tablets that ever connects the Annunaki to Nibiru and Nibiru most likely meant Jupiter. You can look at that for yourself. Right now people are fearmongering about Comet ISON and saying that's Nibiru or some spaceship, this movement has turned into the new Heaven's Gate cult. Remember Comet Elenin? That was a giant debacle. In 2014, the bowel movement will start fearmongering about some other comet.

But there is something running this world that can't be labelled human. They are right there in front of you. They can be called the anti human race and I'm not referring to the DNA. Everyone's so obsessed with the DNA and the physical appearances and those are the least important things. There are people here with a different mind that isn't human. These people are called psychopaths and everyone should learn about them. Look at how much time people have spent researching Reptilians and Annunaki, which achieves absolutely nothing. The world that exists today and the way it's existed throughout the last 5000 years is just the way things should be to the psychopath. There is nothing wrong with it and it's the way things should continue to be. In this passage from the Gnostic gospels, the angels of poverty and demons of chaos are linked with the sleep of the soul:

The Apocryphon of John 31:10, "Arise and remember that it is you who hearkened, and follow your root, which is I, the merciful one, and guard yourself against the angels of poverty and the demons of chaos and all those who ensnare you, and beware of the deep sleep and the enclosure of the inside of Hades.'"


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