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The Olympics symbol's popularity and widespread use began during the lead-up to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Carl Diem, president of the Organizing Committee of the 1936 Summer Olympics, wanted to hold a torchbearers' ceremony in the stadium at Delphi, site of the famous oracle, where the Pythian Games were also held. For this reason he ordered construction of a milestone with the Olympic rings carved in the sides, and that a torchbearer should carry the flame along with an escort of three others from there to Berlin. The ceremony was celebrated but the stone was never removed. Later, two British authors Lynn and Gray Poole when visiting Delphi in the late 1950s saw the stone and reported in their "History of the Ancient Games" that the Olympic rings design came from ancient Greece. This has become known as "Carl Diem's Stone".[6] This created a myth that the symbol had an ancient Greek origin. The rings would subsequently be featured prominently in Nazi images in 1936 as part of an effort to glorify the Third Reich.

The Nazi devised flame ceremony is Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus. This fire was then used for Priest sacrifices in ancient Greece. And as we all know, the Zionist flag was the only other flag (apart from the swastika) that was allowed to fly in the Third Reich. As someone once told me. When you're building a thousand year Reich what's a 70 year set back?

I presume that there must be a large Gas supply for that flame somewhere and it is right in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. The stadium holds 70000 people.

Holokautein (ὁλοκαυτεῖν) was one of the two chief verbs of Greek sacrifice,

Corrupted to the word Holocaust.

The actual meaning of the word Holocaust is SACRIFICE

Of course WWII Holocaust took place it just wasn't in the manner that it has been projected t

Holocaust Revisionism for Dummies

First of all, because of false representations by the media, it is necessary that we first clarify what Holocaust Revisionism does not maintain:

* it does not deny that Jews were persecuted under the Third Reich;
* it does not deny that Jews were deprived of civil rights;
* it does not deny that Jews were deported;
* it does not deny the existence of Jewish ghettos;
* it does not deny the existence of concentration camps;
* it does not deny the existence of crematoriums in concentration camps;
* it does not deny that Jews died for a great number of reasons;
* it does not deny that other minorities were also persecuted such as gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and political dissenters;
* and finally, it does not deny that all the above mentioned things were unjust.

None of these crimes of the National Socialist regime are doubted by Holocaust revisionists. In the view of the Revisionists, however, all these injustices have nothing to do with the Holocaust, which is defined as planned and organized mass murder, carried out specifically in homicidal gas chambers.

Holocaust revisionists believes the following to be correct:

1. There was no National Socialist order for the physical extermination of Jews (cf. R. Widmann);
2. Likewise, there was no National-Socialist plan for physical extermination of Jews;
3. There was no German organization and no budget for carrying out the alleged extermination plan. Consider the statement by the world-renowned Holocaust researcher R. Hilberg:

Raul Hilberg
»But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures [of the Juden]. They [the measures]were taken step by step. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung [German] bureaucracy.«);
4. In detailed investigations of former German concentration camps, expert researchers have established: The internment camps had no homicidal gas chambers or sophisticated methods for mass murder (see G. Rudolf, J. Graf (summarized in English by Mattogno, C. Mattogno, F. Berg). Furthermore, the reports of mass shootings were greatly exaggerated and taken out of context (see H. Tiedemann und G. Rudolf/S. Schröder);
5. There were neither adequate industrial facilities nor sufficient fuel to cremate such a huge number of corpses. In fact, the capacity of the crematories was barely sufficient to cremate the bodies of those who died from starvation and epidemics (see the investigations by C. Mattogno and A. Neumaier).


There is no documentation for the existence of homicidal gas chambers (see G. Rudolf and W. Rademacher), and no material traces of alleged mass murders (see sources given under nos. 4 & 5, R. Krege as well as J.C. Ball (also here)). All the "proofs" rely on eyewitness accounts only, whose unreliability is widely acknowledged (see F. Faurisson, M. Köhler and J. Graf).
7. Despite massive observation by spies and resistance groups in areas in the near vicinity of the German concentration camps, all of Germany's wartime enemies conducted themselves as if no exterminations of Jews were taking place. The charges of genocide were not raised until after Germany's defeat, when there was no German government to dispute them (see A. Butz).
8. Statistical investigations of living Jews worldwide show clearly that the losses of this ethnic group during the Second World War were nowhere near six million. The exact number is probably well under half a million (see the researche by W.N. Sanning and G. Rudolf)

Actually 400,000 is the Red Cross estimate. But the figure of six million banded about is emotive enough to ensure the subsequent Exodus to Palestine of ZIONISTS to displace the ethnic people already living there.

400.000 SACRIFICED (Holocaust-ed) for a cause. End justifies the means. T.H.E.Y. are inhuman enough to SACRIFICE their own people for their cause.

Now watch this. Pay particular attention to the ANTI-ZIONIST Jews

"Sing Praises to the Lord which dwelleth in Zion" - Psalm 9:11


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