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"Cameras strategically placed"

What is she talking about?

When the first plane went into the first tower, I (to date) have only seen one single video of that first incident. It was recorded by a camera crew, doing a piece on one of the FDNY brigades, that heard the low flying jet over NY City. Now I can understand the camera person looking up with his camera since a low flying aircraft over NY City would be an unusual event and may be newsworthy (as most camera people would likely do) and I see no conspiracy in this action. Also when you take into account the amount of news people who are out doing stories, with camera crews, that don't appear on the nightly news because their stories aren't considered newsworthy enough, is it any wonder that at least one of them would be in a place with a view of the tallest towers in NY City and take enough notice of an unusual event to actually record it whether or not it might make the evenuing news. It is their job to take notice of things that might be newsworthy.

Think about it, if any of us was in a place where it would be unusual for a jet to fly at low altitude, would we not take a quick glance (at least) or even a longer one if the event proved to be an oddity to the usual routine of aircraft in the area?

After the first plane hit the first tower and we saw and heard the giant fireball and explosion would it be be too crazy to expect some of us to grab our camcorders if they were nearby and start filming the event? Would not some of us in a city of millions be in advantageous locations to get clear video of the burning tower? Would it be so incredulous that when the second plane hit the second tower that many more video cameras would capture it on tape due to the fact that people would have been already recording the first event and that news camera men (given the time between the first plane crash and the second) would have shown up to record the event?

"Cameras strategically placed"... ( Mod edit)

I stopped watching this "Documentary"(?) within minutes. Maybe it got better later on but the statement given by the female commentator about "Cameras strategically placed", when the afore mentioned scenario is much more likely, irked me so much that I didn't think the rest of the show was worth five hours of my life.


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