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Hi: Dr. Troglodyte
GHMB Moderator

You can skip the intro if you like and start at 2 min 50 sec.
I recommend watching the presentation from the beginning as the complete
16 minutes is relevant information that comes from Werner's biography
and publicly know facts. Walt Disney is also involved in NASA, there are
many reports on Walt Disney collaborating with NASA.

Questionable picture here:
NASA website:
The word SEX is upside down at the 8 o'clock position

5 min video - NASA Can't Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit | Flat Earth Firmament

I hope you can understand where I am coming from in consideration of this
information. I have presented a large amount of evidences on this forum only
to get name called and ridiculed by people that don't have a challenging
opinion for discussion on my presentations. No human being has all knowedge,
we are all learning throughout life, so lets explore and discover together.

My presentations are compelling.


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