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IXOYE Wrote:
> Documentary of Werner Van Braun's journey from
> NASA going to the moon
> to realizing Earth is a closed system and the moon
> landing would have
> to be faked.
> NASA astronaut Jim le Blanc almost died in vacuum
> chamber, the water on his tongue started
> to boil.
> Historical Facts:
> []

Hello IXOYE:

The OP references a ”NASA Scientist – Werner Van Braun”; did you intend the German/American Scientist Wernher von Braun?

If so, please provide a quote with reference link to validate the claim that Von Braun ‘realized’ ”Earth is a closed system and the moon landing would have to be faked”.

If said reference is included in the YouTube video, provide the timestamp (minute:second).

Dr. Troglodyte
GHMB Moderator

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