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Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden made some unusually strange remarks in the days before President Trump attends a rally in Dallas, Texas.

For starters, during the recent Democratic debate, Biden strangely said “what I think is important is we focus on why it’s so important we remove this man [Trump] from office on the 17th…” before stopping himself mid-sentence.

Trump’s rally in Dallas, Texas is scheduled for the 17th.

end excerpt ...duckduckgo to get there.

It is strange. The video is short and mostly repeated for effect but then there's Mudd at the end...'Gov't is going to kill this guy'. ya...relative of the previous Mudd ie: your name will be Mudd...

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October 17th...Biden slip or just throw out a random date...? 1183 Racho 17-Oct-19 22:27

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