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Current migraine research seems to be closing in on the hypothalamus in our brain, a sort of master regulator or orchestral conductor of body functions, as the key to the cause of migraine and other disorders. In medical parlance, it is believed to play a primary role in "enabling appropriate physiological responses to diverse stimuli". See []. It has also been established that when we go about during the daytime, we are using the retinal cones in the eye to see and distinguish colors, whereas at night we are using the retinal rod cells in our eye to see, albeit in gray scale. See []. Presumably then, our body clock has been entrained by the hypothalamus to operate one way during daytime and another way during night time. For example, during the day, there are so many stimuli, such as sunlight, sounds/noise, taste and odor, physical exertion etc. At night, it is just the opposite, the hypothalamus expects there to be minimal stimuli so that the brain can reset for the next day and the body recover on a cellular and motor level. The connection between circadian rhythm and light has been well established, as has been the connection to the hypothalamus.

See [].

With the above in mind, pun intended, let us now introduce artificial lighting, both indoors and outdoors. Let us further assume that in some people, or maybe even most people, one way or another, the hypothalamus cannot entrain one's circadian rhythym properly under this lighting, or artificial lighting tricks it into thinking that night is day or day is night. Da ya think people might get a headache?

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