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Most of us who live in the suburbs, outskirts of town or even small towns are experiencing it - creeping urbanization that eats away at the quiet enjoyment and livability factors that were the reason you bought your place to begin with. The place just doesn't have the charm it used to -- now instead of crickets chirping you hear a siren going somewhere or a motorcycle ripping it in the middle of the night. You go down town to have a coffee in the morning and there are homeless people hanging around, some looking menacing, or messed up from sleeping in the streets all night. Even they came to get away from the big city. Real estate agents seem to be doing well and there are lots of signs promoting new developments. Commuter buses have also invaded. In other words, it's time to leave. I spared you mention that LED street lights just went up also in your town, virtually turning night into day - pretty much the last nail in the coffin of the livability index. The city says the police like them because it is easier to spot crime. So how is your evening walk now, can you still spot Orion? It hasn't gone anywhere, still up in the night sky, it's just that you just got screwed with light pollution and now it's a blur.

Welcome to this spin off topic of LED Lights. This topic seeks to discuss only one of the above urbanization blights - light pollution. This is a big topic with many aspects, such as what level of light is appropriate at night in urbanized areas and areas where it is encroaching? As we have seen with the LED light technology roll out, the technology exists to virtually turn night into day and do it cheaply. The industry further claims the lights are as healthy as full spectrum day light. The implication being that turning night into day is a good thing. But is it? Is it appropriate for night lighting to be as bright as daylight, or should night lighting be appropriate for night and what is that level of brightness and where? No one other than maybe the Dark Skies Association is asking these questions. Is night light a form of pollution or a savior from the evil of darkness woven so deeply into western culture? Maybe we should haul an LED streetlight into the church service during the sermon to shine the light on the devil and let the light into our lives? People, get a grip on reality. Go talk to a night owl or even a bat. Really pathetic. Anyway this is the topic. Deal with it.

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