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With the supposition that pre-history civilization survivors did in fact mingle (have sex with) with "hunter/gatherer" followers would it not suggest that their prodnigy (down through the ages) might carry a unique gene that is common only to those of Atlantis. Might some of us walking the planet today harbour genetic material from this pre-history civilization? If THEY wanted to track down all of the off-spring with original genes what better way than to offer DNA sampling such as 23 & me and other such offerings. This way they could compile a data base of all of humans who are decended from the original sages (or however you would wish to describe them).
With regard to the hidden books of knowledge that were supposedly squirrelled away detailing all their secrets - could this be the "secret" that the Knights Templar found during their excavations in Jerusalem which they were able to translate this knowledge into the wealth and power that they were able to accumulate. Re-read the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and substitute a book ok Atlantean knowledge for the thought of Jesus's bloodline.

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