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i sent this following message to katija gruene (she was in a car accident that injured her spine) : hi katija, please read this (concerns your safety) i'm very much concerned about your safety and i think your life is in danger (that the GP will try to hurt or kidnap or murder you) for the following circumstances of much of the GP:

1, your campaign code of ethics could perhaps conflict with the GP's so called "Shadow Cabinet" ;
2, you said you wanted to be a public schoolteacher, but there are apparenlty some GP members that don't value education and just want to do construction (and perhaps destruction for more construction) community service projects instead;
3, you want each person to be paid basic income of $1500 every month, but GP wanted at that time to only pay each person only basic income of $700 to $900 every month, and Kent Mesplay emailed me that the GP's position on basic income isn't talked about much by GP;
4, you said in an interview that you have magical powers (seriously, and i'm sure harmlessly), but there are apparently some GP members that think magic doesn't exist;
5, you make campaigning fun, not boring, you like monkey noises, and you wore a Wonder Woman costume, but some GP members have apparently a much more serious attitude about campaigns;
6, you're hardly (if ever) bitter or enraged, but some GP members have probably been "pushed over the edge" and enraged because of USA policies and USA Gov't handling of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina;
7, you don't use PACs to my knowledge, yet there are some GP members that are considering using PACs;
8, you said the Libertarian Party is a "good" party, but most GP members interpret the Libertarian Party as a bunch of greedy capitalists that contradict most of the GP's Platform;
9, your position on guns that i told you that i was concerned about your safety as i explained to you earlier, and Kent Mesplay wants said that USA persons should keep guns to defend against USA Gov't if USA Gov't gets horriblely tyrranical (i seem to remember that you did post on Facebook you wanted GP to nominate you & him for President & Vice President) , but the GP wants lots of gun control.

Here's #10 that I should've messaged to katija gruene:
10, katija gruene didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about Cynthia McKinney campaigning as nominated Green Party Presidential Candidate in year two thousand and eight, perhaps because Cynthia McKinney was only campaigning for 5% of popular votes?

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