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Hi Tom

That was a very interesting way to make a point. Well done and good on you.

Yes the thing was a crock. Do we really have a democracy or else who runs this world we live in and I am not just making comment on the US as Australia is part of it.?

9/11 started a war that has gone on for years. All those buildings fell down ALL 7. Amazing including the one squashed between others not affected across the road. And at the Pentagon no plane to be found.

So here we go again with Iran and attacks on tankers. But before we jump in again []

Yeah the Iranian leadership are a bunch of dopes. I remember sitting in a bar at Heathrow airport in London with an Iranian teacher years ago. He was having his last beer for a while and said to me 'Yes we agree with the leaders but they just go overboard"

Ordinary people should think about it a little more.

Ordinary people just want to live a life with family.


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