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Most assuredly this is not self promotion. It's more about awareness done in a Poetic Format suitable for inner peace as I wish inner peace for everyone minus the ill effects of 5g!

We a capable of so much more than we think we are!

Speak Truth to Power!

Telepathy is so much faster than light, intelligent life entities contact you in dreams and when you have enough DMT in you, they seek the same mind wavelength of you for communication.

This image below is for setting up a universal language protocol for human to alien communication! What you have to express to aliens or intelligent entities while under DMT or in a dream state is the symbols sound like above in the guttural format for them to us or us to them. When you combine the guttural sound you can form words that can relate to English words. What is import is to build a encyclopedia with images than use audacity to create these words. This technique I'm employing is the first example for setting up communication with the other side during DMT trips. If you can promote this on every DMT trip maybe we all can relate better. I kept the alphabet small and the sounds would miss t and r. What we all need is a universal language relating to pictures while under DMT. Once we establish solid language for the other side we maybe able to gain technology which will allow us to leave the planet.


Greed & Power


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