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ldennyjr Wrote:
> The reason I lead you to the videos I wanted to
> see your reaction, I agree in part on the fake
> video because of the out of focus view of the
> so-called TR3B. At this point in time it's just a
> rumor of the existence of the TR3B or other craft
> like it but you have to remember the U-2, SR71
> Black Bird and the F-117 were just a rumor for
> many years before they were a reality. History has
> it once you start hearing the rumors these secret
> craft soon become reality. There are cracks in the
> amour of secrecy.

Which, if my speculation about hostile aliens is correct, cracks in the armor of secrecy would be a bad thing. However, if we assume hostile aliens, I perceive they are similar to pirates and slavers. Probably any major civilization would leave us alone. We have nothing they really want. Minerals and water can better be extracted from the Oort cloud, and hoovering up gases would best be done out around the gas giants.

But if the occasional outlaws show up - getting some of our DNA and breeding stock would have value. And potentially "cultural items" would have value. Snatching a muscle car with some teenagers in it (as long as there were both males and females) would probably be worth some coin.

We are already developing the tech such that we could could do some damage to a visiting hostile star ship. If we really did have a growing secret "space navy", a combination of nuclear power plants, inertial dampers, plus some big rail guns would give any major pirate raid a problem. Electromagnetic shields and the ability to warp space around a craft would be a great defense against any kind of beam weapon. But a 5 pound iron ball traveling at speed would only be affected hardly at all by an electromagnetic field, and space warping would be analyzed, the shot trajectory would be corrected, and that hostile ship would be full of holes.

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