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Fortune Magazine.

And the Washington Post.

Well FM.

So, your sources are typical MSM crap sites that you have been so vehemently opposed to for the past two years.

No. Don't bother wasting your time doing any independent research. Just rely on Wapo. What did CNN say about all this? You'd probably quote them as well.

Do you really believe that Donald Trump would have Lil Bobby Corker on his short list for VP? You must do. Because Mike Pence was stated in the same UNAUTHORED article that you contend proves that Trump was considering Pence.

So, Pence's wife was given an envelope, as were the wives of Obama, Clinton, Biden and Bush and you can't figure out why.

Did you see the look on the faces of Laura and Jeb Bush? And the Bidens?

Pence is part of the swamp.

Oh, no he's not. He's a successful partner of President Trump.


Why in f's name would you believe that Trump needs Pence?

Just proves how successful the MSM is with those mockingbirds.

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