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Our lefty friends won't make it past a few minutes but for those interested in what is quite likely happening behind the msm curtain of disinfo...Robert provides his views based on his sources and, at times, speculates about other scenarios. He knows people and I hope that some of you are already aware of him but, if not, maybe this will add some pieces to the puzzle you are working on.

Robert is very good friends with former NSA head, Bill Binney, and he describes similar gestapo tactics were used on Binney (worse actually) that the deep state scumbags used on Stone.

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tons of intrigue in this interview with Robert D. Steele 1565 Racho 15-Feb-19 05:11
Re: tons of intrigue in this interview with Robert D. Steele 161 WhoWeird 15-Feb-19 21:33
I stand corrected 187 Racho 15-Feb-19 21:48
Re: I stand corrected 156 WhoWeird 15-Feb-19 22:05
Re: I stand corrected 244 Racho 15-Feb-19 22:20

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