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All Empires come to an end.
Most recently the British Empire's slow collapse in the first
half of the 20th century.
The baton was handed on to the USA, reluctantly to begin with,
but as bankruptcy beckoned as a result of two World Wars the
inevitable was embraced by the British Establishment.
The UK's ruling elite continued the delusion of being a 'World
Power' long after the writing was on the wall. Many still hang
on to that delusion, gaining comfort from being America's poodle.
The new role to give some kind of legitimacy to the illegal wars
initiated by the new US Empire & hide behind the new school bully's
military might.
But now the US Empire is showing the strain. Military over-reach &
enormous debts, which can never be repaid, & rapidly diminishing
credibility around the world all point in one direction.
Trump is not the cause, simply a symptom of the collapse to come.
Much as Nero was a symptom of Rome's corruption & immorality.
Unlike the UK empire collapse the US's may not be a peaceful transition.
An inherently violent culture armed to the teeth, with an elite suckled
on American exceptionalism, are unlikely to relinquish power without
lashing out. But all elites, however militaristic, depend on the
acquiescence of their population or they are sooner or later doomed.
So the US empire will collapse from within when the people eventually
realize that their 'democracy' is a sham. That the theater of presidential
elections makes no difference to perpetual foreign wars or the continuing
fall in income for the average American. While the wealthy elite grow
richer on the backs of the 'gig' economy'
Time for the silent majority to wake up....


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