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Right. Definitely shoddy quantum action. Also sloppy QA/QC.

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Fixing A Hole… 1389 Dr. Troglodyte 29-Dec-18 18:16
Re: Fixing A Hole… 154 ldennyjr 29-Dec-18 21:58
Re: Fixing A Hole… 121 Lost_In_Place 01-Jan-19 09:22
Quantum Bit 118 Dr. Troglodyte 01-Jan-19 23:00
Re: Quantum Bit 108 Lost_In_Place 03-Jan-19 02:58
Re: Quantum Bit 111 ldennyjr 03-Jan-19 04:35
Re: Quantum Bit 127 Dr. Troglodyte 03-Jan-19 17:45
'botched repair job' 108 Dr. Troglodyte 04-Jan-19 18:20
Re: 'botched repair job' 105 ldennyjr 04-Jan-19 19:02
Re: 'botched repair job' 137 Lost_In_Place 05-Jan-19 01:37

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