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George Orwell's book 1984 was written in 1948.
It was a vision of a totalitarian state of the future where the population was controlled by
perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance & propaganda.
The Ministry of Truth was the arm of state responsible for the management of 'truth'.
Many interpreted the book, when it was first published, as a vision of how the Soviet
Union was or would become.
Few saw it as an accurate forecast of how Western democracies would develop.
How the permanent or 'deep' state would subvert democracy by buying &/or corrupting politicians.
By controlling foreign & domestic policy regardless of who was elected by the masses.
By creating the permanent war mentality that justifies ever more mass surveillance.
By controlling the mainstream media (read 'Ministry of Truth') & the narrative presented to the sheeple.
By persecuting those who reveal what the elite want to keep hidden from the electorate ....
look no further than political prisoner Julian Assange.
By manipulating money, interest rates & markets to enrich the few & impoverish the majority.
By aggregating ever more wealth & power to a self perpetuating elite.
Sound familiar?
Time for the silent majority to wake up.
France is finally waking up to ex Rothschild banker Macron.
Start looking for real news before it is snuffed out by the neo-aristocracy & their mainstream media poodles.

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