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Hi Dean

After 911,....Alex Jones was a big part of my Awakening to Hidden powers at work in the World.

911 has a level of Obvious and in your Face disclosure, ..such as the PNAC documents,
7 nations regime change in the mid east in 5 years.

911 points back to Influences which were Global as far back as the British East India company,
Gun running,..Wars,..looting of resources,..OPIUM.
That continued on in China and British Masonic Lord Palmerston**..Gunboat Opium war in China.

Lord Palmerston Masonic Lodge is Where** ..British Masonic Zionism officially began/went public.

This is however a Manifestation of an allready Ancient Geopolitical driver which goes back to Ancient Sumer ,Dynastic Egypt. ..Babylon.

Probably even more Ancient. ...if one Considers the Age of Atlantis/Civilization circa beyond 10,000 BC.


Years ago....Putin was front and center as an opposition to US military hegemon,NATO...
Globalism Financial, seemed so.....To Me**

Earnest study began to reveal trends which for me were disconcerting.
Somethings not right with this picture..
This is All to perfectly a Stage show.

The Label...Kabuki theatre emerged years ago.....and continues today.


lol....the Globalist are candid about what they are up too,
And list the names of the Game Players.

The realization ...Matured my perspective

The last of my Comic super hero memes. Putin....who is a Appointed Puppet to play a Roll** in the great Global Drama.

The Cold War was Fake!
Yet they scared the living B'Jesus out of Everyone!
$$Trillions spent on Military, Socio Propoganda,...controlled wars/chaos

Which Continues today.
US is 800 Military bases globally. ...Roman Empire on Steroids.

Every conflict/Controlled socio paradigm needs a Boogeyman.

Putin,Xi,...Rocket man Kim of North Korea....Iran.

Most of the Real threat of war is Fake....

They have to create proxy level military events to justify the Global military and economic Juggernaut.

Nations are Forced to Play,..
Their Leaders know it.

Notice the Leader of the Philippines who beaks off at Obama and Trump.
He gets Instant ISIS attacks ....ISIS out of nowhere.

It's's controlled political theatre.

Masonic British Empire stomped the world with USA take over during WW 2.

Will China/Eurasia replace America in the Future Globalism?
It's possible.

White Nationalism is big decline with White middle class being gutted in North America and

The British Masonic burned Europe down since Napoleon and 2 World wars.

They don't care about Humanity,...they have an Agenda.

My recent post about DNA, WiFi, Eugenics is alarm bell ring that Sci Fi is here,
And look the Ones leading the trending are Psychopathic.

On Final

Candidly. ...I left the Alex Jones circle years ago.
It was mostly certain interviewers he had as regulars who said @ that tripped my alarm.

Various board wars against Alex Jones and info wars were not important to me.
Had no dog in the fight.

I realized the Ancient Game** ...was way smarter than the crowd.

Other presenters in the Alternative began pushing memes inside the Supposed Free Independent news being discussed.

So minute it's Stock market trends ,
Then sudden shift to Q Anon BS.

Ya....I'm out! : )

Candidly. ...can't think of 1 single Alternative Web presenter or website that
I can hang my Hat and Coat at now.

We really are in a Darky Spot * / Old Georgie /Cloud Atlas


"Oh, darky spot you’re in, friend."

"Ain’t no blade can protect you from the True-True…"

"It y’self many times; ‘The weak are meat, the strong do eat.’"


For me....Study of History as reffed above indicates mankind is Controlled by the Jingo
Label 1%...

Allways has since organized socio.

To say/claim a certain individual is what % controlled/influenced by That** is as
I have found out,...
A journey into Awareness...

The True per Cloud Atlas.

Something of a Mystery in all this is How Time and the Universe weaves thru the manifestations of mankind's socio.
Cloud Atlas is excellent in conveying this mystery.

This confronts personal Faith/Spiritual. .And so to national,regional and global.

Millions of Christians believe in the Rapture,

Yet that's not True True** the early Bible,
It's a redacted influence since the Scofield Bible.

One could also say the same for the redacted King James Bible.

To point this out brings tension and rejection.
People are framed of mind for a myriad of reasons. a direct threat!

Alex Jones...uses Awareness as a key socio Tasker.
One can take either side of the information.
The information is however. ..Threat level.

That information is Monitored*. ...By the Ancient Game**

They will then use Their Tools of Control to effect Their agenda..Piggyback to speak,

On trending information.

Facebook,Twitter, many other Internet and WiFi global
Are First and Foremost. ...Data Mining/Control.

Manipulation of information trending becomes everything....even the stuff of Sci Fi movies.

The Japanese ran a Children/teens cartoon program with a pulsed strobe rate that had people puking and going into seizures.

Oh...ya....Mess with you intentionally.

1000s of years of Psychopathic enterprise. ..vs the Sheep.

I select where my time is spent.

Am continually surprised by history/information.
It's a bit of an addiction. ..the Adventure...seeing that all the weird stuff from 1960's
Sci Fi movies as a child, ...
Is actually happening for real.

A personal adventure is that of Sentient Life in the Cosmos.

Oh ya....running around in that field......step in the doo doo.
Don't trip and fall in this field : )

Am less Judgemental now of the human condition...

Not that I give it an instant pass,
More a case of considering the Ancient History** ,

....that has manipulation over us immediately

My Imagination and Enthusiasm are not cancelled by the Dangerous media age we are in.

Something prompts me to seek onward. .GO FOR IT!

A recent post by Amy opened a door to Information which for me was like Gold.
Spoke to deeper import... within my person.

Am walking away from some things.

And sprinting into new fields.

Moments* will for certain ..touch each and everyone one of us.

My Hope is that each person gets to be Charged up** as they Life's Mystery visit.

I listen differently now, ....than vs years ago.

Have not arrived. ..

Simply on a new Road... towards the Horizon of Time : )

T Bird

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