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Barbelo Wrote:
> []

The original source of that photo is here. The caption says

Scripps Ranch fire, San Diego, 2003. All the homes burned, but the eucalypts that surrounded them did not catch fire. New York Times

Also a bit of trivia for you dimwitted - redwoods do not burn either.

You people sure come up with some stupid dumbass ignorant conspiracy crap.
If you're pathetic enough to believe the pathetic article you linked to, that there was no fire, I'll give you my sister's phone number, her house was razed. And for you imbeciles, what do you think the satellite views are showing the smoke from the fire?

Jesus christ, serious stupid on this board

The Camp Fire

Would any of the mentally deficient like to take a guess why some trees survive a fire?

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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