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King Canute was born in Denmark in 990 AD & buried in England in 1075.
He is principally remembered for supposedly placing his throne on the seashore
& instructing the tide to obey his royal command and not come in - the consequence
....he got his feet wet.

Switch forward a thousand years to the Era of Science in the Age of Reason.
The Scientific Priesthood of our day declare with infallible certainty that mankind is not only
instrumental in driving disastrous Climate Change but that they, the Masters of Matter, have
the answer ... cut CO2 emissions & mankind will be saved.

They share the hubris of Canute & will suffer the same fate.
As will the lemming like politicians who have not only jumped on the bandwagon but have added booster rockets.
Supported in turn by the mainstream media - now largely a propaganda arm of the state - The Ministry of Truth.
All categorizing carbon dioxide as 'pollution' rather than it's reality - essential 'food for plants'.
Plants necessary for our survival as a species.

The great Global Warming Conspiracy is now so ubiquitous no counter view can be expressed without the
derisory 'climate deniers' accusation.
Just as the boy who saw the Emperor was wearing no clothes was a 'clothes denier'.
So what if the pedlars of CO2 'planet poison' are wrong? What if the underlying 'science' is rubbish?


What if we are wasting trillions of dollars preventing CO2 emissions?
Don't expect any apology from the scientific, political & media elites for leading us up the garden path.
Just expect enormously expensive wet feet for the majority who have to suffer the consequences of their hubris.


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