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Moriarty's are Brave people ...where Truth is not adjusted to fit Political Correctness.

In recent years...the Deception by Russia concerning Libya, Syria,Israel genocide Gaza reveals the Collusion in the Globalism game.

Which is daily Kabuki theatre of Fake acting by Global leaders.

At present. ..US occupies most of East Euphrates Syria.
It's become a giant weapons test range as US bombs homes saying they are fighting ISIS.

Basically... it's genocide of Tribes loyal to Damascus,
Replaced by US/Kurds...or Sunni loyal to Saudi Arabia.


Erdogan of Turkey gave entry to over 30,000 Foreign fighters who stayed in Turkey,
Trained,....we're given weapons. .and sent into Syria via Turk controlled border crossings.
Erdogan is directly responsible the death of over 100,000 Syrians!

What did Putin do?

Nothing. ..

Infact...Turkish Airforce jets and CIA shot down a Russian combat aircraft near the border,
Putin did nothing.

Putin however signed the Turkstream nat gas pipeline deal...
Set Erdogan up to transit/Broker Nat gas and oil to Europe.
Increased Trade between Russia and Turkey.

The Syrian war keeps mid east Nat gas and oil competition vs Russia down.
Oil is then undercut to cause Global chaos...such as Riots in France over fuel costs and new Carbon taxs***

The Globalist leaders are all in on the Game.

And when it's needed...Leaders like Kaddafi are ended just like JFK


China sees itself as the leader of globalization, displacing the USA. So does George Soros, and the strategists at Goldman Sachs, et al. It makes no difference to Soros or the Goldman Sachs people where they happen to reside. Their balance sheets are not nationalistic, and nor are they. They have no attachments beyond capital, and that transcendent loyalty forms a new ethnos; what the zoologist Konrad Lorenz called pseudospeciation.[5] Financial correspondent G. Pascal Zachary approvingly observed the emergence of a global elite that can move about the world, as rootless and cosmopolitan as the global corporations they serve.[6]

Rothschilds have plans for Xi and Putin

....Kabuki theatre continues

T Bird

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