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No bodies, No injuries, No ambulances, No stretchers, No blood, No interviews with congregants or rabbis present, No photos of a single piece of real evidence, Nothing whatsoever has been presented that proves the synagogue massacre even happened./

Oh my,....could it be....Another Sandy Hook scam on the public?

You know, ...Sandy Hook school shooting,
Except the School was closed for years , Internet , physical evidence of shooting.
Just Media hysteria with Crisis actors .

There are real false flag first shooter events.
That's where a Patsy is allowed to go and do a shooting with FBI already know in advance.

Other First person shooter events are like Sandy Hook or the Synagogue,
Where you get No visual evidence,
Only 2nd account reporting and Media hysteria.

Sandy Hook raised $$Millions US public fell for that Scam.

Ask yourself. ..

How Wicked this/them. pull stunts like this off gain Political leverage?

By the's not just Democrats doing this,

It's a Collective of Tribe of Israel with big time $$ to hire crisis actors,
Set up FEMA drills,
Have Media all in place with narrative,
Then bury you with 24/365 story on 1000s of TV,radio,newsprint.

You much presentation. ...can't be False, ...can't be due to some agenda,

LOL!....suckered! !!

Suckered again and again. .

Don't you DARE question them** about what just happened,

Why that's RACIST!....It's. ..ANTI SEMATISM to challenge their BS!

The Tribe will be dancing as Shekels fall from heaven ,

Laughing over how easy the Goyim are played!

Oh ya.....What you think is unimaginable is Truth.

Some Few already know Who* really did 911.
They realize it wasn't 19 Saudi and a Evil Leader in a Cave in Afghanistan. ..did 911.

And by the way...

The Diary of Anne Frank was outted as a 2nd hand redacted story.
The Ball point pen ink gave it away.

This is How THEY* you over their Social media
You can't criticise them....
It's everything from Law Suit to Banned account on Google, YouTube, ...Facebook.

And while Some of You absolutely hate me for front this counter argument,

I at least Honor the Constitution and for what it Stands for!

Sorry you get upset when I say,

"The Tribe is lying to are being played like a fiddle"

T Bird

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