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Over the past few years, LED lights have become the standard lighting for homes, businesses and cities, replacing the old incandescent bulbs indoors and sodium street lights outdoors. The conversion has created a boom in the lighting industry, with fortunes made. The force driving this conversion has been touted energy savings of LED bulbs using up to 10 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs. All over the world, LED street lights have been hailed as a budgetary panacea, saving cities millions of dollars a year. Lighting sections of home improvement warehouse stores are also full of them in various designs and configurations, all made in China of course. Like a modern pop song filled with millennial whoops for melody, or candy opiod, most people say they think they like the new lighting. They must like it, mustn't they?

Welcome to this new topic. I live in Davis California. I get migraines and am light sensitive. I always found it soothing to walk around my neighborhood at night and look at the stars. It was also great exercise. One day a few years ago I came home from vacation and went for my evening walk. By the time I got home, I realized I got a migraine from it. Artificial lighting being my main trigger, I soon realized that the City had replaced all the old sodium street lights with bright LEDs. These lights have no shielding and are much brighter than is needed to light the street They also wash out the night sky. The City replaced the street lights to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint. Now my neighbors are joining the green party and putting up their own LED lights. They are even on the driveways now.

So I ask you, have the health effects of LED lights been investigated, or is the LED light revolution a big lie? In case you weren't aware, LED street lights save energy by producing blue light, which is much cheaper than the soft yellow light produced by our sun that humans and animals evolved in. It has been implicated in migraine and diurnal rhythm dysfunction in humans and animals. And that may be just scratching the surfacee. So the savings of LED lights basically come from trying to get you to adapt to lighting given off by a much brighter sun than our own. In my opinion, this is an example of the tyranny and hypocrisy of the global green movement. They look the other way when the truth is inconvenient to their controlling agenda for the rest of us. Have a good day (or night).

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