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We are hitting another period of Peak Talmudic/Zionist/Banker Trash.

The Bolsheviek - That's Psychopathic Communist Jews,
Murdered Millions in Russia.

A similar psychotic episode was Mao China kill millions,
Then you get Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge after Vietnam war ends.

Common denominators are genocide Christians and the educated.

Replace that with Whitey and middle class in North America /Europe.

Part of the mid east chaos is driven cultures which will never blend into society,
To pull the existing down...
Causing states to depend on NATO and World Banking.

Some years ago became vexed by Putin/Lavrov who appeased the US,Crazed Saudi and Israel.
Began research into who Putin really was/how he suddenly came to power.
The picture didn't look good.

Israel has attacked Syria by violating Lebanon airspace for 6 years.
Putin says nothing. ..

US steals 1/3rd of Syria/East Euphrates. ..
Putin says nothing.

Complained online via Russian websites such as RT,Sputnik, Southfront,
Putinistas just Cursed me out for the Captain Obvious comments.

Then Israel shot down the Russian IL 20m ELINT aircraft killing 15,
Putin Said it was an unfortunate accident.
Russian MoD said ..."No...Israel is to blame"

It hits the fan...
100s of posters called Putin out and openly stated they were troubled by Putin's
Bromance with Netanyahu,
This treachery breaks it.

Many Said that Putin is owned by the same Talmudic Snakes that ran the Soviet Union before.
That. ..and Russia is still owned by Rothschilds Central Bank system.

Putin poses on TV with Gold bars,
Then throws Russian Pensioners to the Lions for Oligarchs.

The Israel Shoot down was the final straw.
Russian people are pissed and protesting.

Not much play in media as the Anger is directed at the Israeli government and Talmudic Oligarchs...and we know Zionist Control media won't shine a light on that.

NWO is already here,
We are living the humiliation and slavery.


Putin's in on the game..
That's why Syria was allowed to be partitioned allong the lines of the Rand Partition map


Posted this map online years ago at numerous websites asking what if this is the plan?
Posters freaked out..
Told me Putin will win...
and lots of other nasty socio when you don't fall in line.

Appears the US will use stolen Syria East to build bases, missiles in,
And stage to attack Iran in future war.

Unless Putin/Russia have a Spirit Awakening, ...
They will not militarily stop Israel or US,

Iran can expect the bloody game on thier doorstep in the future.

T Bird

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