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One ism,

The Spirit voice of Edgar Cayce are Inspiration to me.

I can only weigh History and how I see the present age.

Try to process all that .

Our Ancient Earth with long removed ages such as Mu/Lemuria. ..Atlantis.

The Mythology coming down from then speaks of Man's Emergence on GAIA,
How our One Ness with GAIA was stolen away by selfish pursuits.

We went from near Immortality on Earth to less than 120 years.

Edgar Cayce spoke of Earth Changes...and that Man would awaken/transform to Higher Consciousness.

There is cause /effect,'s however not All....Negative.

A Positive and Slave break free from chains is happening now.

The Slaves part is Slavery/Submission is back now with a Vengeance.

Before the Abrahamic Religions spoke,
Mythology Said that GAIA destroyed the Evil Atlantean race with thier technology, greed and wars.

We are in something of a repeat today via the NWO and it's fallen Masonic logic.

Note...the Ancient Masonic taught about Spirit and mankind's purpose. []

This Bird

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