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Clouds are gathering, they are dark & destructive
We cannot escape the storm
It is of our own making, our cultural karma
The fury that will be unleashed is the work of Law
Cultivating greed, aggression & conceit
Brings an inevitable harvest
Sow the wind , reap the whirlwind

In awe of Reason we spurned Spirit
Materialism was born & suckled by Science
The child of a God-less mechanistic world
Grown vain in its clever conceptual certainty
Mammon and Mars filled intellect’s vacuum
Serving only to deliver us to our fate
But the darkest hour lies just before dawn

Death is only the prelude to re-birth
The flame of Spirit is never extinguished
God’s seed is planted deep in the heart of humanity
That seed Will seek out the Light
A new day, a new opportunity to learn
That head needs heart
To illuminate the Path of Purpose



Poems on Purpose

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