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Trump a Divider in Chief:
A New Order Manchurian Candidate

America, we have been betrayed from within. The hidden hand or Kabal of the reptiles by Israel State to the Ananuki Vultures of the Middle East. To the shores of the Eastern false idols of Draco by the rising 4th Reich in Europe and Russia. And the gross, crass Trump card, which through phony electronic voting machines became President of the Unites States. Quite simply these dark forces are basically the black widow web of the illuminati. Novus ordo seclorum is on the back of the dollar and the Bush family is wrong!

Flat out Trump is upsetting the balance of Politics around the earth. His outright agenda is complete treason towards America based on fracturing the alliances with malevolent intent. His taxes are hidden to every U.S citizen, because his greed and loans are beholden to Putin. I will relate these unknown facts to you that his attention is for every country in the World to attack the U.S whilst our forces of America are scattered abroad and thin.

Congress should immediately impeach Trump and give Commander in Chief too Pence. As a man of spiritual and Christian background please heed my warning and jail Trump. Fire Miller the Joseph Goebbels of Trumps cabinet. God and Family, I love you!

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