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I had a superb vision today. A vision of the world 5 years in the future.

In the future "Truthers" and their like-minded friends, can wake up in the morning, put on a paper-light VR headset, and be transported into a virtual world....

In that world JFK was killed by his bodyguard; no one ever went to the Moon; the Earth is flat; Jews aren't jewish; the Holocaust never happened; Queen Elizabeth II is a reptile; the Earth and the Moon are both hollow and flat; Freemasons are Jack the Ripper; some individuals are Targeted Individuals for no reason whatsoever; Barack Obama was born in Kenya; thousands of children are murdered every year in a small pizza restaurant; Edward Heath killed thousands of children; commercial airliners seed the sky with murderous chemicals; every US President was a Freemason; if Old Glory has a gold fringe you are being tried on a British ship; vaccines kill you; fluoride kills you; The Shining kills you, and hundreds more...

But in this VR world they are all true, and everyone, everyone agrees with you! And the rest of us can get on with the logical real-life world.

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