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Therefore, as long as you are a Buddhist, it is necessary to accept past and future rebirth.


My journey has been from the Extreme position of,
"I'm Baptised in the Holy Ghost"!,


Awe of the Universe... which surrounds.

Absolutism and Conditional socio responses gives way to Freedom to be,
Freedom to explore.

The concept that We each are here to Experience Life may seem Selfish on the Face of it,

Yet it may be that in Simplistic view,
Like a Child,

I'm let's. ..

Watched. ..The Monkey King /Chow Yun Fat....last Night

Have numerous Chinese Mytho/Legend films with no English, ..or maybe only English Subtitles.

Like the Monkey King,...they Teach the Life/Personal Journey ...lessons.

Chinese CGI in movies is amazing.'s Spectacle to be sure.

The Monkey King is Reincarnation and Running Riot ...of Experience,

With ...Consequences!,.....the Great Teacher : )

My innermost self seems to be drawn to the Child in Nature wonder and point.

I do try to be deep thinker and teacher on certain subjects,

Yet that falls away to the Child... and wonder.

Part of me is still compelled to challenge what is wrong from my vantage point,
Which of Late, confront Putin and his rich Oligarchs.

After 2007/08 Subprime meltdown, ...the present 10 year on rigged Jeckyl Island Federal Reserve banking Ponzi is signal ...someone gonna kiss the donkey ..soon.

I've wanted to rent an RV and drive BC coast to Alaska. .
Yet under today's gas prices that would be costly indeed.
Next is Reality of dead West Coast from Fukushima radiations.
Could allways take the Train...but maybe that would be less thrill than driving.

I'm angry that Fukushima occured,
It's ruined my World.
Retire to BC was a dream before, it's gonzo.

Maybe USA will ease off the crazy,
My Past journeys thru USA found me liking Arizona and Flag Staff.

Played hockey at Premiere level as a Goalie,
Practiced in the Summer with NHL,European,NHL farm teams players,
And Ex NHL with great stories on all the hero/legends... we watched on TV.

Growing up...Daniel Bouchard/goaltender of Atlanta Flames was my hero.

Years later...played against a Goalie from Swiss Elite League and National Team.
Dan Bouchard - ex NHL.....played for that Swiss team.

Now what are the odds we connect from so many different vectors on the planet?

Dreams...Desires... and This Life

Dream become reality : )

T Bird

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