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Hi Amy

Do you think we Re incarnate by chance,
Or do we re enter GAIA. ..having understanding of Set challenges we must face In.. the new lifetime?

The above has me pondering..

I can't say either way, ...yet it's Intriguing : )

People say We each have a Destiny,

My Life went complete 180 after 911,

Was already leaving the Abrahamic Religions thing,
911 slammed the door,

I was Free!

The Ancient Mythology of Atlantean Age wars,...Scientific exploitation,
Socio ...Exploitations

It's more a Judgement of Failed Enterprise than misfortune.

It's worded that GAIA judged The Atlanteans and destroyed them by direct will.

Today's criminal Globalism, Government, Banking ,Military,False Religion. ..False Environmental movements,

It's like We have returned to the Atlantean age again. great danger of repeating the same mistakes.

Obama used Drones to murder 1000s, ...He even bragged about it !

That's AI!,
No different than HAARP up a Storm like Michael,others,.or 80 Tornados over 4 States in hours.

Fukushima is E.L.E. event.
Birds and Insects now disappear with casual response
Plankton in the Pacific cannot support Whale populations.

8 years of Death in the Pacific,

If you speak of it....Your a Conspiracy theorist!

Edgar Cayce Earth Changes seem Fringe,
Yet Edgar is batting get over 70%.

We consider Faith in God/Relationship with God,

Yet what of Relationship with GAIA in this Timeline?

Relationship... with Those each of US this Timeline?

Now we return to the question of personal Consciousness and Destiny,

This will be Fringe..

There are those who do not mesh with me,

There are those who interact...yet it's conditional,

There are those who Naturally Sync with me,....I with Them,
No striving...

As if Family. ..from before in Time.


Where cast upon our Gaze ? : )

T Bird

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